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A Photo Guide to Yap Island

Published in Business

You may be interested in my iBook - A Photo Guide to Yap Island - I wrote this guide book as a marketing tool and contribution to Yap’s tourism development in 2012/13 and it’s available free of charge at Apple iBook Stores in 54 countries.


My favorite building

Published in Business

I have worked 16 years in real estate development in Austria and produced lots of nice projects, I have created one building though I like best, which I'd love to present here.


Orca Alarm

Published in Diving

It happened in March 2013.

After the day’s first dive we sat at the mooring at Yap Caverns, had coffee and cake as our dive master Mike suddenly saw something quite far away – he shouted out “Pilot Whales!”.


Yap Tour - Day 1

Published in Travel

Day 1 - World War II and Stone Money Banks

This is the story of 10 Japanese explorers who ventured out to explore the pristine Island of Yap, an island famous for its traditions and natural beauty.

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