Yap Tour - Day 1

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Day 1 - World War II and Stone Money Banks

This is the story of 10 Japanese explorers who ventured out to explore the pristine Island of Yap, an island famous for its traditions and natural beauty.


Yap Island's WWII Tours

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Yap Island offers a few World War II relics, especially around its airport: some anti aircraft guns and airplane wrecks can be seen.

Most of the hotels, resorts and guest houses offer this tour.

Since 2011, two World War II memorials have been erected, one in O’Keefe’s Park, and one close to Yap’s power plant.

Individually, these tours cost around $30.00, although most of the time they are integrated as part of an island tour.

If you are into WWII relicts you should visit Palau, where one of the biggest battles of WWII in the Pacific took place and of course the islands of Chuuk, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, where the US airforce sank the Japanese fleet as a payback for Pearl Harbor.

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