Education & Conservation


 Education & Conservation

We feel that more is better, which is why we have extended our team by one of the most iconic figures in the shark world, Erich Ritter PhD, who is kind enough to supervise our shark conservation efforts and conduct Shark School Fiji, a yearly event, for the first time June 4 - 11, 2016 at Beqa Lagoon Resort.

Learn more about our upcoming event, Shark School Fiji, and shark pope Erich Ritter PhD on our website -

We are further preparing a shark conservation project with WWF and the University of the South Pacific.

We felt the need to do more research of our own, and are currently in the process of hiring a marine biologist, who’s duty will be to catalog our sharks and create a database, which we’ll share publicly.

We are hoping to get many more sharks to Cathedral :-)

Shark Education & Kids

Beqa Lagoon Resort is home to Kids Sea Camp, holidays for the whole family.

Last July and August we provided shark education for the very first time for parents and kids alike - After a thorough theory segment about sharks and shark behavior, by our GM Dieter Kudler (who ran his own shark dive for almost 10 years), we dove with our Kids Sea Camp guests from age 12 to 80+.

We drove divers to Cathedral, we brought them back to the resort as shark enthusiasts - we then expanded our Cathedral dive to 4 days a week tiger shark diving.

It was an amazing and extremely fulfilling experience - kids talking about nothing but sharks,  adults with big smiles sharing their thrilling shark videos and photos - guests thanking us for the best dive in their lives.

This experience was so rewarding that we have decided to take the program a step further - bringing “the man” to Fiji - Erich Ritter PhD will run the program and has developed special children’s materials - so no matter if you are 5 or 100 years of age - if you like sharks, you should not miss this event.

Kids Shark School Fiji will take place between July 23 and August 6, 2016 at Beqa Lagoon Resort - this event may be booked through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through Kids Sea Camp.

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