The Cathedral - Fiji


“Tiger Shark Cathedral”

There are only a couple of places on this planet where you can dive with the “Sea Tiger” eye to eye, up close and personal - one of these sites is Cathedral, Beqa Lagoon Resort’s own Tiger Shark dive.

Cathedral is a once in a lifetime experience - multiple shark species in clear water, just a 15 minute boat ride from the resort.

Enjoy diving with multiple Tiger Sharks at a time - the biggest predator of tropical seas - experience big sharks so close you could touch them …..

A dive you will mark in your logbook as the best there can be :-)

Site Development

About 18 months ago we came up with the idea to develop our own shark dive - we wanted to develop a site closer to Beqa Lagoon Resort and less dependent on tides and rain than the other sites, and in clearer water.

Our dive guides, knowing Beqa Lagoon for over 2 decades proposed a couple of sites where they had the most shark encounters during dives - most sites were close to Nanuku Island, a small island with a fringing reef, north-east of Beqa Lagoon Resort.

Most of these locations proved troublesome to reach, due to waves and currents - one, however, seemed to be almost perfect - protected from waves and with moderate to no current - we chose to try this site close to Soft Coral Plateau, only 15 minutes by boat from our resort.

We collected dead coral blocks and built a wall on the sandy plateau in about 65ft/20m depth in order for our guest to remain in one place, be protected and prevent damage to the reef. 

We’ve built and sank several concrete blocks for moorings and ascend/descend lines.

Shark Sightings

When we first started Cathedral, we had almost no sharks - the sharks that would frequent the site were mainly reef sharks.

It became more exciting once we suddenly had the visitors we’d hoped for - Bull Sharks started to join the crowd of the usual reef sharks. Then it happened - we got a new guest - our first tiger shark - a big female.

All very exciting, but not on regular basis - some days without any sharks, others days with Lemon, Reef, Bull and Tiger Sharks.

It seemed our shark site procedures had to be improved - we changed our ways in April 2015 and then lucky us, sharks were visiting on a regular basis :-)

To our surprise, we were getting more and more tiger sharks at the site - by July 2015 we had already counted at least 13 individuals from 4ft./1.2m to 12 ft/3.7m - by now our count is around 20 :-) - we have 2 boys, a pregnant female and several baby tigers - the sweetest is only about 4ft/1.2m - very cuddly :-) 

Since the end of July 2015 we’ve had 2 or more tiger sharks on every dive - the most was 8 tigers - an experience so impressive - hard to put in words ……. 


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