Manta Ridge


Location: About 25 minutes by speedboat in northwestern direction from Yap Pacific Divers. Way leads through German Channel.

Manta Ridge Yap IslandTopography: Manta Ridge is located inside Mill Channel, similar to a dam a reef formation of the shape of two “W’s”, bottom to bottom, is emerging from the sandy bottom in roughly 60-70 ft (18-21 m) depth up to about 20 ft. (6 m). The slopes and small walls building the ridge are hard coral formations partially overgrown with purple and, pink and orange soft corals.

Miil Channel Yap IslandPoints of Interest: On the foot of the ridge, especially on the southern part in roughly 60 ft. (18 m) the bottom and the walls are covered with soft corals. The sandy bottom is the sleeping place of white tip sharks and sometimes leopard sharks. Small to midsize coral blocks on the sandy bottom are hiding place to eels, lobsters, crabs and smaller reef fish. Around the two “W’s” schools of jackfish, snappers, bumphead parrot fish and a variety of reef fish. Barracudas, black tip reef sharks and grey reef cruising around the top of the formation. From macro to very big – everything can be found on Manta Ridge. Manta and Eagle Rays like the Ridge to stand on top of it and play with the current.

Manta Ridge Yap IslandCurrent: Depending on moon, tide and weather conditions the current can be from almost zero (Slack Tide) to very strong (especially full and new moon).

The Route: Manta Ridge can be done, depending on the current either as a mooring dive from one of the buoys on the southern and northern part of the Ridge, or as a drift dive. Drift dives usually start on the western (outside) part of the channel and lead inside around the Manta Ridge, exploring walls and slopes. The dive normally starts in about 60-70 ft. (18-21 m), with a slow descent toward the Ridge top, there safety stop close to one of the buoys where the boat is waiting, or drifting along the northern/southern wall and ascend to the surface close to the wall with safety buoy.

Stone money in Miil ChannelDifficulty: Open Water/Advanced Open Water

Best time: All around the year, high tide

Miil Channel Yap Island

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