Special Assignment


This project was a special assignment by two friends from Germany. The main idea was to accommodate the young couple, who was planning on having a child later on and one party's parents in a second house next door.

Dieter Kudler architect

Form and accessibility of the land were very challenging - the land had no “direct” access from the main road, it had to be entered over a small stripe of the neighbor’s land - a narrow driveway would lead to the house, leaving the turning point for cars on the land assigned for the building and leading to a rather congested entrance situation.

Only on a small portion of the land could be built on. The land sloped 2.7 meters from building to garden area. I used this fact to add an additional level. 

Boarders of the land contributed to a special shape for the house.

However I hope you like my approach and the house’s design - please note that I am displaying a design study and not building plans.

I tried to let nature in whereever possible and have trees and light access the house from all sides cool

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