Winners February 2015


Here are the best 14 underwater photos of UWPHOTOGRAPHERS one of the best underwater photo platforms on facebook. I hope you'll enjoy these great photos laugh.

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1st - Carl Charter

Carl Charter Sea Dragon

2 nd - Francesco Turano

Francesco Turano

3rd - Mimmo Roscigno

Mimmo Roscigno

4th - Yuri Ivanov

Yury Ivanov

5th - Gianni Colucci

Gianni Colucci‎

6th - Alex Rush

Alex Rush

7th - Alan Lo

Alan Lo

8th - Alain Melis

Alain Melis

9th - Jerome Kim

Jerome Kim

10th - Dieter Kudler

Dieter Kudler

11th - Bülent Kilinç

Bülent Kılınç

12th - Francesco Turano

Francesco Turano‎

13th - Bülent Kilinç

Bülent Kılınç

14th - Qing Lin

Qing Lin

The following 2 photos, two amazing pictures, which made actually the most points could not be considered as winners, as both photographs won previous competitions at UWPHOTOGRAPHERS.

Francesco Turano - not considered

Francesco Turano

Jerome Kim - not considered

Jerome Kim



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