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Today we did an exploration trip of Manila’s outer districts in particular Antipolo, well visible from northern and eastern districts of the city, as elevated.

We drove from SM Edsa North with our rental car - PHP 12,000.00/week - about one hour - partially because we did not know where to drive :-)

Our cell phone with Globe Internet (PHP 999.00 for 30 days) and Google maps were a big help on the way.

Traffic as usual in Manila, crazy, nobody sticks to traffic rules, but it works somehow.

Finally in Antipolo, high up, looking down on the big city and it’s numerous skyscrapers - if you want to have a nice view over Manila, this is the place to go.

There are several restaurants and coffee shops on the way with terraces with a view.

We stopped at one and enjoyed some cold drinks and Halo-Halo, a local dessert, before we went on to our next sight - The Mystic Cave - a few kilometers away from the main road, but Google maps knew exactly where - a family living on the land welcomed and showed us the mystic cave (admission PHP 50.00/per person).

Mystic Cave Antipolo

The cave itself is small with nice cool air, very dark with almost no light bulbs, we used flash lights and our iPod. It is was not very exciting - a few stalactites and stalagmites - that’s it. 

Now the mystic part and worth our PHP100.00 is, as the lady explained, that the stone has different images of Jesus imprinted - one here on the following photo.

After we had learned how Jesus had really looked like we moved on to a small waterfall - Hinulugang Taktak - sweet little fall, not too special either.

To have at least one real highlight, we decided to eat at Vieux Chalet, a Swiss restaurant. However as it was not our day, it was closed - we learned that it only opens for business from Friday to Tuesday - got to go back to try the food though later :-)

On the way back home it came even worse - a police man stopped me for reckless driving. I had changed the lane indicated by blinking, which must have been a shock for the police man who isn’t used in such behavior as 99% of the cars drive just left and right without any rules. He checked my Yapese and my Austrian drivers license to find that both were not international licenses - he told me what troubles I am in, driving without license and dangerous, reckless driving - towing car, fining me, etc. everything translated by my wife Minnie from Tagalog to English - or we could find a solution between brothers - which we finally did - PHP2,000.00 later (without paperwork) we were free to carry on - needless to say we were not very happy - however it was a rich experience!

Finally we are back at our apartment and I am sharing our day with you - hope you have fun reading our blog.

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