Wreck of the Laura Marie


The wreck of the Laura Marie, aka Circus Wreck lies in Yap Island’s main channel on the corner of a little sandy bay. 

The wreck sits on it’s Portside on sandy bottom in about 24 meters (79 feet). The wrecks bottom and propeller are close to the sloping edge of the channel, predominantly covered in Staghorn corals, the deck faces the channel’s center. 

Laura Marie, Yap Island

The ship is in one piece, mast with an antenna on top are sticking out and are overgrown with colorful sponges.

Even the channel can be very clear on high tide, visibility around the wreck is never great, which is unfortunate as it would be perfect for wide angle photography. 

Laura Marie, Yap Island

Nevertheless I really liked that wreck and dove it as often as possible - I found it especially good at night - night dive at the Laura Marie are excellent. 

Laura Marie, Yap IslandApart of hunting lion fishs, a variety of shrimps and crabs along with other macros a group of adult Giant Puffers are resting on the wreck at night. 

Laura Marie, Yap IslandIf you like diving at night and are in Yap you should dive this wreck - I am sure you’ll like it :-). Yap Pacific Divers, the diving center of Yap Pacific Dive Resort offers a “night special”, which combines a Mandarin dive with a dive at the Laura Marie - two dives for just a few dollars more than just a mandarin dive - duration about 2.5 hours - the mandarin dive is only 5 meters deep and you can dive the deeper wreck without surface interval.

Laura Marie, Yap IslandIf you need information about diving Yap Island please do not hesitate to contact me.

Laura Marie, Yap Island

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