Orca Alarm


It happened in March 2013.

After the day’s first dive we sat at the mooring at Yap Caverns, had coffee and cake as our dive master Mike suddenly saw something quite far away – he shouted out “Pilot Whales!”.

Everybody stood up to see what’s going on out there – then something came up and broke the surface – but it surely wasn’t a Pilot Whale – it had an enormous dorsal fin, almost like an Orca – but Orcas in tropical waters? – Rather not.

It was surely worth exploring, we started to drive toward it – as we approached we found two big Orcas and their baby – two stayed under the surface one came repeatedly up to look at us – we were so excited – it was so amazing to see this huge majestic whale blowing air and diving again – as we were prepared for a “macro” dive and the water was quite rough we couldn’t get really good shots, but good enough pics to remember this great day at Yap South.

However my friend Dirk had an iPhone on him and he was able to get a few nice sequences, which we have put together to this little movie. I hope you’ll like it.

Orcas in Yap's waters Dirk Spörl
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