Yap Tour - Day 1


Day 1 - World War II and Stone Money Banks

This is the story of 10 Japanese explorers who ventured out to explore the pristine Island of Yap, an island famous for its traditions and natural beauty.

They boarded a plane in Tokyo, and after a few hours and a short stop in Guam, they arrived on Yap Island in the Western Pacific.

A team from Yap Pacific Dive Resort brought the explorers to the resort where they were accommodated in spacious rooms with wooden floors and a picturesque ocean view.

Yap Island

After a lazy morning and an opulent brunch, the travelers jumped right into their first adventure. Tamag, the resort’s local guide, along with Mr. Tetsu and Mr. Hara as interpreters, showed the group around. They drove south in comfortable SUVs. After about 20 minutes, they reached an old airstrip, which was built and used by the Japanese Armed Forces during World War II. Here, the travelers inspected relics from a past era. The party then moved further south, driving along narrow roads through the tropical forest, and finally stopped at a stone money bank in Geal Village, Kanifey.

They found out that only on Yap Island is money literally on the road.

They were amazed by the story behind the huge stone disks.

As learning new things and experiencing ancient traditions makes explorers hungry, we drove back to the resort where dinner was already waiting.

Yap Island

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