Yap Tour - Day 2


Day 2

Visit to Gargey, Cultural Talk at the Resort, Canoe Manufacture in Colonia and Sailing a Local Canoe.

The second day, the voyagers started earlier. After breakfast, they drove to Gargey in Tomil Municipality where they were invited to visit a local community. Here they were given an inside look into local village life. They saw women preparing local foods for lunch, played with children, and finally learned how to make cloth, the so called Lava-Lava from banana fibers and other threads.

Presents and some merchandise were exchanged before heading back to the resort for a “cultural talk”. Two young ladies dressed in local attire, one from Yap Proper, the other from the Outer Islands, demonstrated how to make Nou-Nous, a flower band worn on the head.

Yap Island

Tamag the local expert explained why wisdom on Yap Island comes out of the basket and chewing betel nut makes you smart :-)

After a lunch break, the group visited Waa’gey, a traditional canoe manufacturer. They were taught how to build local paddling and sailing canoes with simple tools, without using any nails or screws. The learned about Yapese Master Navigators still sailing the oceans as far as Guam and Palau with these traditional canoes, using ancient sailing techniques and technologies.

Yap Island

Finally, they got into boats and sailed back and forth in front of the resort’s diving center, accompanied by the resort’s safety boat. All participants enjoyed the sailing and had fun with the boats and their crews.

During the usual 3-course dinner featuring the fresh catch of the day and, of course, sashimi, the explorers exchanged stories about their cultural experience and their day as sailors.

Yap Island

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