Yap Tour - Day 3


Day 3

Yap’s North, Meeting Chief Francis Tamag & The Ngariy Village Dance

While after breakfast some people wanted to snorkel with Manta Rays, others preferred to go fishing. As they would return around 2:00 pm, lunch was packed and on board along with other refreshments.

Snorkeling with manta rays is very exciting, and Yap Island is the ideal place to do it. The island has a resident manta ray population, and mantas are present around the island both in summer and winter. In the morning, these majestic animals come to an area referred to as the “Landing Pad” by the resort’s diving center, where they are cleaned by little cleaner wrasses. This is the time to jump in and watch them enjoying the service.

Around 2:00 p.m., the group was assembled for the start of their next journey. They would get to know the northern part of the island.

After a short visit to the men’s house in Wuluu Village, Fanif, the convoy carried on to Dechimer Village, Tomil, where the group met the 71-year-old chief Francis Tamag.

He was kind enough to invite the group to see the men’s house in the village. Having designed the house, he explained the unique features of his building and showed the explorers a canoe he had created to teach young boys the art of fabricating canoes for fishing. He asked the resort’s local expert Tamag to show different fishing techniques, which Tamag gladly did.

Yap Island

Everybody wanted to have his/her photo taken with Yap Island’s most famous chief, and people were very grateful for his invitation and lecture. Group members were visibly impressed by chief Francis Tamag, who obviously enjoyed meeting the foreign group as well.

From far up north, the group drove all the way down south. Even though this may sound like a long drive, after 30 minutes, our explorers arrived at Ngariy Village, Rull, were the villagers first took them on a tour through the village. After the explorers had reached the men’s house, they were invited to watch a local dance.

Yap Island

The villagers had prepared fresh fruits for the group and people were getting ready for the dance at the island’s most picturesque location. Wide stone platforms under huge trees provided shade, among palm trees, colorful flowers, bushes with Plumeria, and a men’s house next to the seashore.

The dancers, led by the village chief, came to the dance area and performed an amazing dance, a wonderful encounter for all visitors and an experience of which the group would take lots of photos and videos.

During a farewell crab dinner, our explorers were still talking about the dance and the wonderful village.

Later that evening, they talked about how sad it was their Yap Island adventure had come to an end, and they promised to come back for more exciting activities in the near future.

Yap Island

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