Snorkeling Yap Island


Yap Island has a lot to offer in terms of snorkeling. It is one of the only places in the world where you can snorkel with manta rays in shallow water. Manta rays tend to stay at about 5 meters depth.

It offers snorkel areas with beautiful hard coral everywhere along the island’s barrier reef, and even inside the channels that cut through the reef.

There is also a WWII relic, an airplane wreck that lies in only 4 - 5 meters depth and is ideal for snorkeling. The airplane has been there since 1945 and is completely overgrown with hard coral; snorkelers can even see where the pilot sat. The plane’s wings are covered with corals, so only their tips are visible.

Another stunning snorkel site is the shallow reef at Turtle Cove, which is covered in stag-horn and table coral. The reef there is only about 3 meters deep.

All dive shops offer snorkel trips – the average cost is $50.00

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