Yap Island - Rainbow Reef


Rainbow Reef

This is the closest dive site to Colonia. It is located at O’Keefe’s Island, only a 5-minute boat ride at most from all dive shops in Colonia.

The mandarin dive is a very shallow dive. The reef drops from 3 meters down to about 15 meters, however the mandarin action happens at 3 - 6 meters depth.

These beautiful little 3-6 cm long dragonets live in staghorn coral and come out to feed and mate once night falls.

While mandarin fish tend to be rather shy, things are different on Yap Island. Here, they do not try to hide from the light of your flashlight. In fact they seek the light, and often after mating, individuals swim far away from the protective coral and start to dance in the light.

It is amazing to watch these little creatures and take their picture.

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