Yap Island - Eagle's Nest


Eagle’s Nest - A Colorful Wall Dive

Eagle’s Nest is located on the east side of the island, close to its southern tip, an approximate 40-minute boat ride from Colonia.

The reef slopes steeply at the northern end, and finally turns into a wall further south. Slope and wall drop quite deep, far over 40 meters.

The wall is overgrown with different kinds of soft and hard coral, and single sea fans enhance the scenery.

It is advisable to drift from north to south, as the wall improves north to south, that is, from deep to shallow.

Light for photographers is best around lunchtime, as the sun moves slowly away from the reef edge.

This relaxing, colorful dive is a must in Yap. Always keep an eye out in the blue where sharks, tuna, eagle rays, barracudas and other pelagics may pass by.

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