Lionfish Wall


Located an approximate 45 minute boat ride from Colonia at the southernmost tip of the island’s barrier reef, a wall drops from about 5 meters down to roughly 55 meters where the reef starts to slope out softly.

The wall is beautifully overgrown with hard and soft coral. Schools of fish, especially snappers, move along the wall, avoiding contact with divers and unfortunately us photographers :-)

Yap Island, Dieter Kudler

The northern end of the site ends in a kind of canyon, and its southern end at the Yap Caverns.

There can be moderate current, depending on the moon.

The wall offers not only great scenery for wide angle photos, it is also a haven for all kinds of macros: nudis, shrimp, big anemones and scorpion leaf fish will make your day. This is a “must dive” while in Yap.

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