Yellow Wall


Yellow Wall - A Stunning Wall Dive

Yellow Wall is located to the island’s west side, an approximate 40 minute boat ride from Colonia. The reef slopes from the breakers all the way down to about 12-15 meters. At this depth, the reef turns into a wall, dropping to over 45 meters.

The wall is beautifully covered with yellow soft coral. This “must dive” should be done on current, as only then is the soft coral nicely visible. The coral kind of retracts when there is no current, and only small yellow buttons are visible.

Yap Island, Dieter Kudler

It is worth diving all the way down to 30 meters: starting at about 23 meters, there are some overhangs, and the yellow corals growing down are just stunning.

Aside from soft corals, the wall is also home to hard corals and lots of other life in its little holes. There are also nice macros at the shallow reef.

Yap Island, Dieter Kudler

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